Site Setup

  • Fix – Google LDAP failed in Web Channel with endless refresh loop depending on the LDAP data.
  • Add – Two-Factor Authentication can now be forced so the end user cannot deactivate it.  See new checkbox in Site Setup Two-Factor Setup.  Also, there is now an Edit option on the right click menu.

Query Builder

  • Fix – Sub Queries filter logic has been revised to better handle irregular filter criteria such as <<! Or <null> to AAAA or AAAA to <null> or <<!<null> etc

Security Roles

  • Add – Security Roles marked as ‘Apply base on Filter settings’ can now be applied based on their Group, Category or Unique Code in addition to the existing simple Yes/No filter in Query Builder Filter Other right click menu.  For example, depending on the Report you may want to apply Security Roles with Categories C1, C2 and C7 for one report and Groups DEPT_A and DEPT_B for another Report.   Note that Security Roles that are not marked as ‘Apply based on Filter settings’ are always applied as they are security focused while the others are filter focused.