Query Builder

  • Add – Filter option to return the description when filter on Value Lists instead of the code.  This is helpful when the code is not descriptive enough for the user or when display in titles
  • Add – Drill To now has more icons that are in the Black and White style instead of coloured Icons.
  • Fix – Sub Queries on System / Excel would raise SQL errors.

Security Roles

  • Fix – Rare issue where if a Filter is set to <ALL> values on a sub table the join would not be introduced to apply security roles provided this was the only reference to the table in the Query Builder with no other outputs or active filters on the same table. Now the Security Role is applied even thou there is not filter being applied.


  • Add – Hide Condition can now support nested state values. This is useful when complex logic is repeated in many locations and you want to centralize the logic into one location.  Previously you would have to put the logic directly in the property
  • Add – New Control Tag to detect what part of the selection tree is being expanded  {?CodePath[/####].Selection}   This is useful when hiding folders or fields depending on their parent.