Query Builder

  • Fix – System Excel table would miss the last few rows of a dataset when a single cell offset such as B3 was entered while B3:E9999 was fine.  The number of rows missing matched the starting row offset minus 1.


  • Fix – Table writeback property ‘Writeback URL params’ did not work and the enter values were lost

Form Designer

  • Add – Show navigation buttons Previous, Next and finally Submit on Web Channel Data Entry Forms that have been organised into tabs
  • Add – Style tab Form Default Height.  Is useful when Tabs are enabled to ensure that each Tab has a consistent height instead of auto height.
  • Add – Tag to allow values from other Forms to be referenced in another Form for things like Captions and Default Values.  See   {*Form.Record.<FormID>:<FieldID>:<UniqueCode>}

Web Channel

  • Add – Entry Form URL parameters related to navigation buttons for forms that have been organised into Tabs.   See RESTful help on showNavpreviousLabel and nextLabel.