• Fix – Group Writeback depending on the contents would leave database transaction open.

Reporting Rows

  • Fix – Override default format would display in the wrong columns positions if combined with dynamic outputs where the first output was hidden.
  • Fix – Override default format would display numbers over the top of Expression custom format settings.  Now sees if custom formatting is present for that column and if it’s setting or clearing the content it will not set the content again.


  • Fix – Update mode <!!> that targets just a few fields would error on File Image Fields that had hidden File Attribute fields.

Materialised Query

  • Fix – Super Fields like Company or Business unit would sometimes revert to varchar instead of nvarchar so multiple language entries would appear as ????.  Now sets as nvarchar to support UNICODE.
  • New – Block Load Mode allows very large load Queries to be broken up into a series of more manageable smaller queries to prevent database servers form timing out or erroring due to resource limitations.  For example, transactions could be loaded by Year,  Date ranges, Company or Department.

Query Builder

  • Add – Selection list right click menu has new item called ‘Base Names on Full Description’ Off/On.  When On the Filter and Output names will not be abbreviated but rather will be based on the Full Description.  This is useful when defining the Query for a Materialized Queries and you want the database column names to be more descriptive instead of abbreviated.

Security Roles

  • Fix – When creating new Roles based on a Lookup selection the Range checkbox was not working.


  • Fix – Pivot would sometimes return an object error when executed in the Web Channel.