Version 5.4.44

Scheduler Fix – Writeback based on Excel tables would miss the last few rows of a dataset when a single cell offset such as B3 or AUTO.  The number of rows missing matched the starting row of[...続きを読む]

Version 5.4.24 追加

Web Channel Add – Filter slicers as used in Expressions have enhanced to handle multiple filter criteria and to also support toggle between All and selected items.  This give better filtering[...続きを読む]

Version 5.4.10

Publisher Fix – Improved refresh list performanceAdd – Addition references tags to get Product attributes like Description, Author and Version e.g. {*Product.Description.<productCode>} or {*[...続きを読む]

Version 5.4.2

Form Designer Add - Data Type Encrypt Publisher Add – Security – Report menu with generates a report with all the security details of each published report.   This includes what us[...続きを読む]

Version 5.3.90

Studio Options - New label customisations to get details about API attributes Import EDMX – Improved data type detection and support for BaseType inheritanceNew Field Property, Sync - Creat[...続きを読む]

Version 5.3.32

Query Builder Fix – Filters with Sub Queries based on NOT IN logic !<in> worked correctly until there was only one item in the list and then it would set the where clause to equal that one i[...続きを読む]

Version 5.3.6

Query Builder Fix – Filtered Outputs and Dynamic Outputs did not work correctly on the SunSystems Ledger FilterFix – Filter Sub Queries that return no results when mainly dealing with Dates or Per[...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.124

Query Builder Add – Expression to create KPI Boxes with drill throughs and background images. See  HtmlKpiBox(<Title>,<Title CSS Style>,<Big Value>,<Big Label>,<Big[...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.106

Publisher Add – Themes has new setting to override the Title Colour.  Fix – Chart / Treemap height did not work. Scheduler Add – Default global Themes are applied when saving as qu[...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.104

Site Setup Add – User Sync / Azure AD – Configuration support for mapping Azure AD groups to Sharperlight User Groups.   The syntax is {AzureAD-GUID}={SharperlightGroupCode}  where [...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.102

Site Setup Add – Support for Azure AD Multifactor Authentication and Sign on Windows.  Note that if you cancel the Microsoft sign on window you can still sign in with the Sharperlight Window.[...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.87

Web Channel Fix – Form Entry multiple column display using URL parameter &fieldsPerLine=2 or greater would not display error message correctly under the value.Fix – Form Entry values lists for[...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.85

Site Setup Fix – Azure AD sync did not work correctly with Client Secrets. Reporting Rows Fix – Reverse Sign worked correctly when numbers had the most common underlying data type of decimal[...続きを読む]
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Version 5.2.73

Publisher Fix – Page Designer when combined with reporting rows and dynamic outputs would repeat the first value in all columns of a Sub Query.  Other media not using Page Designer was fine.

Version 5.2.69

Query Builder Fix – If Unions created different number of outputs in their results would sometimes fail when returning data over Remote Connections while Local Connections were fine.  The err[...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.63

Excel Fix – Group Writeback depending on the contents would leave database transaction open. Reporting Rows Fix – Override default format would display in the wrong columns positions if comb[...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.59

Publisher Fix – Obscured Outputs would still display as a thin column when combined with Groups (Group=) in Tables but was fine in Table Grid Query Builder New – System Table Financial Data [...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.55

Studio Add – File Move now has Wild Card search and Filter Criteria.  The action is only executed when the Filter Criteria is true.  For example, the file or files are older than 2 days [...続きを読む]
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Version 5.2.53

Studio Fix – Include Files like Publisher, Dash Pages and Scheduler export files are auto imported from the Datamodel based on any valid admin account in Site Setup.  However, after this sync[...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.33

Query Builder Change – Increase row limit on System tables such as CSV, JSON, XML, Web Tab, Excel, Windows Event Log, LDAP and MS Teams.  Previously it would max out at 1,000 rows but can now[...続きを読む]