#Materialized Queries

Version 6.0.94

Materialised Queries 修正 – まれに、一時テーブル ロジックが有効になっている場合、SQL テーブルがデータベースから消失し、テーブルが見つからなかったり、アクセス エラーが発生したりすることがあります。  フィールド長などの一部の属性を手動で変更すると、テーブルの再作成がトリガーされる可能性がありますが、更新が必要になるたびにエンジンが自動的にテーブルの存在を確認[...続きを読む]

Version 6.0.91

Publisher 修正 – 日本語などのアジア言語を含む PDF に保存すると、スプレッドシートのフォントが正しく表示されませんでした。この修正により、完全な Unicode セットをサポートするため、フォント Malgun Gothic が PDF に埋め込まれるようになりました。 PDF 設定の下に、この機能を有効または無効にするための Unicode という新しいチェックボックス[...続きを読む]

Version 6.0.18

Scheduler 修正 – リモート接続では、ライトバックのあるタスクに関連して、「XML シリアル化中に md.Types.Scheduler.TaskWritebackMapItem は予期されません」というエラーが発生します。このエラーは、リモート接続経由でクライアント上でタスクを手動で実行する場合にのみ発生しました。 修正 – [セキュリティ] タブおよび [ユーザー ア[...続きを読む]

Version 5.3.26

Query Builder Fix – Filters when set to Single would sometimes drop the << part of a multiple value filter list.  E.g. <<A,B,C upon reopening the queryAdd – Expression to calculat[...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.102

Site Setup Add – Support for Azure AD Multifactor Authentication and Sign on Windows.  Note that if you cancel the Microsoft sign on window you can still sign in with the Sharperlight Window.[...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.77

Materialized Queries Fix – Seed Queries with Unions filters that referenced the parent filters would drop and become resolved.  e.g.  {@RefParent} would resolve to a constant.  This[...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.63

Excel Fix – Group Writeback depending on the contents would leave database transaction open. Reporting Rows Fix – Override default format would display in the wrong columns positions if comb[...続きを読む]

Version 5.1.85

Command Line Change – Saving Published Reports to Excel xls, xlsx will create a standard list instead of using a Page Designer layout unless one is present.  This is a better format as there [...続きを読む]

Version 5.1.74

Materialised Queries Fix – Duplicate rows would appear if the Query seeding the MQ was based on one of the System Tables that is sourcing data not from the Sharperlight Database but rather the Clo[...続きを読む]

Version 5.1.68

Materialised Queries Fix – When ‘Use Temporary Table during update’ is enabled a SQL error ALTER TABLE COLUMN would occur if the data size exceeded the existing initial varchar size and Sharperlig[...続きを読む]

Version 5.1.54

Materialized Queries Fix – When scheduled or manually refreshed sometimes errors would not be displayed.  This is most common when using MQ tabled based on Query Unions were one of the querie[...続きを読む]

Version 5.1.32

Materialized Queries Add – New refresh option Use Temporary Table during update.  End Users can continue using the existing data while the temporary Table is being updated. This avoids report[...続きを読む]

Version 5.1.16

Foundry New – Field Advanced Options Writeback Grid Column Width Web Channel Fix – Permissions error on main Index page due to access to windows/temp folder being blocked.Fix – Hidden Filter[...続きを読む]

Version 5.0.69

Instance Management Add – Delay sections option to set the number of seconds to wait between string Services when using the Bulk – Start Service menu.Add – Web Channel main index page report now s[...続きを読む]

Version 5.0.40

Publisher New –Zoom in or out the web content. Useful when combined with Charts.  This Options tab and also Layout.   There are four new url parameters related with zoom.  zoom[...続きを読む]

Version 5.0.21

Report Rows Fix – Option to override Amount formats.  Did not work if Text columns where mixed into the Amounts area of the report as seen when Drill Links or Icons are interlaced with the Nu[...続きを読む]

Version 5.0.20

Scheduler Add – Show Active Triggers checkbox on Scheduler lookup to filter list to just Tasks that have active Triggers.Add – Writeback using JSON as a source now support selection field lists to[...続きを読む]

Version 5.0.7

Query Builder Fix – Expression RowAddAfter and RowHeaderAfter did not work Report Rows New – Option to override Amount formats.  Useful for when a row needs to be a percentage while all[...続きを読む]

Version 4.8.19

Publisher Fixed Chart Stepped option did not work for line chartsAdded new column to display the Datamodel Product and Table code in the main publisher list. Scheduler Added support for para[...続きを読む]

Version 4.7.87

Query Builder Added Filter option to suppress <ALL> appearing in lookups.  This is useful when restricting user selection to a predefined subset of values defined by a Filter Sub QueryA[...続きを読む]