Web Channel

  • Fix – Form Entry multiple column display using URL parameter &fieldsPerLine=2 or greater would not display error message correctly under the value.
  • Fix – Form Entry values lists forced to display as Radio buttons instead of the default ComboBox did not work correctly
  • Add –Form Entry align labels left, center and right using URL parameter &labelAlign=right
  • Add – Form Entry support for Checkboxs instead of the standard Yes, No radio buttons
  • Fix – Google Maps did not display in the user’s sign in language.  For example, if the user signs in with Japanese the map should show Japanese street names and places.
  • Change – Form Entry now respects flat borderless theme URL parameter and removes borders around values for better flat look
  • Change – Grid Entry can now support Checkboxes for Boolean values (See Studio Writeback Input Style dropdown “Checkbox”)
  • Fix – Dash Pages with responsive layouts enabled did not always relocate titles correctly on resize and sometimes the tiles overlapped


  • Change – The right click menu Show Hidden Items now only appears if the user is an admin

Security Roles

  • Fix – Raised Object error on queries if combined with User Defined Fields that show value descriptions as seen in SAP Business One


  • Add – Theme now have an option to right align labels on Data Entry Forms


  • Add – Writeback has new Input Style Checkbox which is useful for Boolean fields


  • Add – Field Writeback has new Input Style property “CheckBox” which is useful for Boolean fields