Version 5.3.20

Engine Fix – UTC dates in Writeback.  If the Datamodel was set to show local time but with UTC database datetime then writebacks did not convert the local time to UTC but rather committed the[...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.87

Web Channel Fix – Form Entry multiple column display using URL parameter &fieldsPerLine=2 or greater would not display error message correctly under the value.Fix – Form Entry values lists for[...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.75

Query Builder Fix – Sub Queries filter that used !=   <blank> instead of !<blank> did not work correctly and would do an equal to blank instead of not equal to blank. &n[...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.51

Site Setup Add – User property to set the expiry date and time for accounts.  For example, a user is on contract and you want to set the account to expiry when their contact is finished to en[...続きを読む]

Version 5.2.39

Query Builder Fix – Sub Queries filter would become incorrect on rows after being passed <<!  Not in listFix – System Web Table, JSON, XML would return an error if an empty JSON array w[...続きを読む]

Version 5.1.68

Materialised Queries Fix – When ‘Use Temporary Table during update’ is enabled a SQL error ALTER TABLE COLUMN would occur if the data size exceeded the existing initial varchar size and Sharperlig[...続きを読む]

Version 5.1.63/64

Web Channel Fix – Percentages in Data Entry Forms and Grid had to be entered as a value between 0 and 1.  Can now enter 45 for 45% and 1 for 1% etc.Fix – Data Entry Grid number sliders did no[...続きを読む]

Version 5.1.60/62

Web Channel Add – Dash Page Options on title to control display of Titles, Descriptions and also set the level of Row Selection Filters. Fix – Data Entry Forms did not display Percentage fi[...続きを読む]

Version 5.1.54

Materialized Queries Fix – When scheduled or manually refreshed sometimes errors would not be displayed.  This is most common when using MQ tabled based on Query Unions were one of the querie[...続きを読む]

Version 5.1.52

Web Channel Add – Grid Writeback now supports input placeholders when defined in the Datamodel.  Previously only data entry forms display input placeholders.Fix – Grid Writeback now supports [...続きを読む]

Version 5.1.34

Publisher Fix – Filter Sub Queries defined to refine the lookup where not working correctly when combined with wild card searches prefixed with ** or %Fix – PDF rendering would get an object error[...続きを読む]

Version 5.1.32

Materialized Queries Add – New refresh option Use Temporary Table during update.  End Users can continue using the existing data while the temporary Table is being updated. This avoids report[...続きを読む]

Version 5.1.16

Foundry New – Field Advanced Options Writeback Grid Column Width Web Channel Fix – Permissions error on main Index page due to access to windows/temp folder being blocked.Fix – Hidden Filter[...続きを読む]

Version 5.1.8

Foundry New – Field Advanced Options now allows a Default Format to be applied to Dates and NumbersNew – Input Style Number SpinnersNew – Input Style Number Slider.  Note use the Validation f[...続きを読む]

Version 5.0.99

Command Line New – /ProductSettingsSet Allows the setting of Site Setup / Product Settings via the command line.  (See online article for details)New - /RemoteConnectionSet Add, Update and De[...続きを読む]

Version 5.0.69

Instance Management Add – Delay sections option to set the number of seconds to wait between string Services when using the Bulk – Start Service menu.Add – Web Channel main index page report now s[...続きを読む]

Version 5.0.62

Studio New –MongoDB support via ODBC drivers such as Devart Engine Add –Improved load speed when handling large number of dynamic fields in Datamodels as seen in SAP Business One user define[...続きを読む]

Version 5.0.53

Foundry Fix –Reference to User Site Setup table did not work correctly in Fact Tables.  Only worked on Dimension tables.New - Option on joins to show sub table as nested content in Grid Edit [...続きを読む]

Version 5.0.51

Query Builder Fix –Annotations Icon expression did not show correct icon if there were hidden outputs before it Publisher Fix – Grid total row were always centre aligned.  Now right ali[...続きを読む]

Version 5.0.25

Foundry Add – Field Advanced Writeback option called Hide Lookup Button.   This hides the lookup button on Data Entry Forms and Grids.  You may want a Lookup for filtering reports b[...続きを読む]