• Fix – Improved refresh list performance
  • Add – Addition references tags to get Product attributes like Description, Author and Version e.g. {*Product.Description.<productCode>} or {*Product.Version.<productCode>}

Web Channel

  • Add – Three new URL parameters to override the default title, height and width of the overlay display window. Add any of these parameters to the URL  &winWidth=900&winHeight=800&winTitle=MyReport

Datamodel Installer

  • Fix – Would incorrectly report that an application is still open and locking file if the checkbox Leave menu open was ticked on the Application menu.


  • Add – Additional period hint logic to allow for dynamic switching out of different financial starting periods 1 to 12:   see comment hints e.g. <CurrentPeriod> FinancialYearStart:7</CurrentPeriod>

Query Builder

  • Fix – Expression PeriodFinancial when using a January start 1 did not calculate periods correctly.  Now shows 2022 Jan as 2022/01 instead of 2023/01
  • Add – Expression HtmlSparkLineList to complement the existing HtmlSparkLine.  The new Expression can take the number series as a comma delimited string e.g.  “100,200,400,76,800” instead of having them as separate parameters. E.g. HtmlSparklineList(‘Line’,0,0,200,50,”,”10,200,300,700,100″) This is useful when the number of values is dynamic because it’s based on filter criteria.  Note that Sub Queries can build comma delimited list by using the ConCatString and RowSkipAllButLast
  • Fix – Dynamic outputs based on Super Fields filters like Company or Business would not work correctly if filter mapping was present.  Also sub queries on these filters would sometime not work correct in Web Channel splits.