アーカイブ 2022年

Version 5.5.16

Form Designer Fix –Only Workflow scheduler tasks for Create or Edit worked while Review, Approval 1 to 3 did not trigger. Fix –Public access forms would randomly request a sign on even no sign[...続きを読む]

Version 5.4.56

Site Setup Fix –Product Settings for System and limiting the Scheduler Service Timer interval were not being applied when Scheduler was being used over a Remote Connection.  This setting is u[...続きを読む]

Version 5.4.52

Form Designer Add – Allow Workflow labels to be customised Query Builder Fix – Filter Period custom formatting would disappear on editing if the Format tab was not active when savingFix [...続きを読む]

Version 5.4.46

Query Builder Add – Selection tree right click menu mode switch called ‘Abbreviated Descriptions’ to allow the stripping off of the table prefixes on field descriptions when outputting and filteri[...続きを読む]

Version 5.4.44

Scheduler Fix – Writeback based on Excel tables would miss the last few rows of a dataset when a single cell offset such as B3 or AUTO.  The number of rows missing matched the starting row of[...続きを読む]

Version 5.4.40

Query Builder Fix – System Excel table would miss the last few rows of a dataset when a single cell offset such as B3 was entered while B3:E9999 was fine.  The number of rows missing matched [...続きを読む]

Version 5.4.36

Query Builder Add – Period Formatting options for both filtering and outputting periods. Previously periods where always formatting using the year and period number e.g., 2022/009.   Now[...続きを読む]


平素は格別のお引き立てをいただき、厚く御礼申し上げます。 この度、弊社で運営する「岩手クラウド応援隊」にてSharperlightフリーサポートサイトを開設しましたのでご案内いたします。 Sharperlightフリーサポートサイトは、初めてSharperlightをご利用の際にスムーズな立上に向けてサポートやちょっとした問題の解決を実現する為に開設しました。 使い始める前の相[...続きを読む]

プリザンター (Pleasanter) 用データモデルを正式リリースしました

平素は格別のお引き立てをいただき、厚く御礼申し上げます。 株式会社システムエンジニアリングは、株式会社インプリム (Implem) が提供するプリザンター (Pleasanter) と連携するデータモデルをリリースしました。 プリザンターとSharperlightを連携する事により、プリザンターだけでは実現できない機能をローコード開発で実装する事が可能になります。 プリザンター[...続きを読む]

Version 5.4.24 追加

Web Channel Add – Filter slicers as used in Expressions have enhanced to handle multiple filter criteria and to also support toggle between All and selected items.  This give better filtering[...続きを読む]

Version 5.4.24

Query Builder Add – Filter option to return the description when filter on Value Lists instead of the code.  This is helpful when the code is not descriptive enough for the user or when displ[...続きを読む]

Version 5.4.22

Query Builder Fix – Company/Business level filters that reference filter mapping #[….] in Excel would raise a error when creating or editing Drill downs or Unions.

Version 5.4.18

Query Builder Add – Lookups are generally by default limited to 1000 rows but this can now be overridden by using the Change row limit checkbox.  Note the Change row limit will only show when[...続きを読む]

Version 5.4.10

Publisher Fix – Improved refresh list performanceAdd – Addition references tags to get Product attributes like Description, Author and Version e.g. {*Product.Description.<productCode>} or {*[...続きを読む]

Version 5.4.6

Site Setup Fix – License Check did not work on Remote Connections Studio Add – Schema – Import Value Lists Security Roles Fix – When Creating new Security Roles the initial field detai[...続きを読む]

Version 5.4.2

Form Designer Add - Data Type Encrypt Publisher Add – Security – Report menu with generates a report with all the security details of each published report.   This includes what us[...続きを読む]

Version 5.3.90

Studio Options - New label customisations to get details about API attributes Import EDMX – Improved data type detection and support for BaseType inheritanceNew Field Property, Sync - Creat[...続きを読む]

Version 5.3.74

Web Channel• Fix – Form Entry was limited to 2000 fields. This limit has been raised to what the field count is in the driving Writeback table. It is possible to use Form Designer with arrays to gene[...続きを読む]

Version 5.3.66

Engine• Add – Single Sign On with Active Directory Account now records information in the Windows Event Log about a successful or failed sign on.• Add – Registry Key setting to define what authentica[...続きを読む]

Version 5.3.60

Form Designer• Add – More Lookup options to set mandatory filters and default values. Studio• Add – General purpose Field Tag to store meta which can be accessed in C# or JavaScript. Useful for wr[...続きを読む]